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Exhibitions , Projects and Publications

Gallery Representation

2024- Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid

2018-Kyo Gallery, Virginia, U.S.A

2017- Galería Yuri López Kullins, México - Madrid

2016- Sarona Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2015-USIA UK-United States of International Artists, London, England

2012-2013- Horizon Arts Gallery, Wynwood, Miami


Honorific Mention

2024-Woman's essence Award, by Musa International Art Space, Italy.

2023-No Name Collective Art Magazine-Winner Challenge April

2023- Top Ten in "BlueOrGray2023" Art Competition

2020-International Biennial of Art The Baroque Salentino 2020, Mesagne, Italy

2019-Gold List of Top Contemporary Artists by Art Market Magazine

2017-Honorable Mention Award-Circle Foundation Artists of the Year 

2013-Finalist-Florence Shanghai Prize 

2010-Showcase winner- (International Web contest and virtual Exhibition)

2007-Honorable Award Diploma of Excellence- medial 2. Art biennial (International Web contest and virtual Exhibition)


Individual Exhibitions 

  •   2014- "Dreamscapes"- Acco's Theater Center, Acco

  •   2009- "From Mexico to Galilee"- Yad LaBanim, Rishon LeZion.

  •   2008 –"From Mexico to Galilee" - Beit haGvulot Gallery, Metula.

  •   2008-"Homage to Frida" (in commemoration of Frida Kahlo's Centenary Birth).

  Gallery 21, Carmiel.

  •   2007 –"Protected space". Gerard Bachar Center, Jerusalem.

  •   2007-"The Power of Color", Carmiel Municipality .

  •   2007-"Mejicana". Picasso Gallery, Castra Arts Center, Haifa.

  •   2006 -"Ethnic Yearning". Culture Palace, Carmiel.

Collective Exhibitions

  • 2024- Barcelona International Art Fair

  • 2024- Woman's Essence Show, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2024- "Swords of Hope", Hertzl 156, TLV

  • 2023- “October 7th”, Ginosar Gallery, Israel

  • 2023- “Parallel Worlds”,Contemporary Art Curator Online Art Magazine

  • 2023 - "Abstract", Lotan Gallery, Jaffa.

  • 2020 - "International Biennial of Art", Messagne, Italy

  • 2020 -"Corona time" - Givat Shmuel Gallery

  • 2019 - "ArtFirst" - Novado Gallery, NJ, U.S.A

  • 2017 – "I gave a flower to Nurit"- Ben Ami, Gallery, Tel-Aviv

  • 2017- "Place", Jaffa Salon of Arts-Montefiore Auction house and Gallery, Tel-Aviv

  • 2016-Art Spectrum –Digital Exhibition, Miami, U.S.A, -represented by The ArtBox Gallery, Switzerland.

  • 2016-Arte Libre- Yuri Lopez Kullins Gallery, Madrid, Spain

  • 2016, Olga Santos Gallery-Porto, Lisboan

  • 2015- "Human Rights?", House of Peace, Fondazione Opera Campana del Caduti, Italy

  • 2014- Art Takes Miami, digital exhibition represented by See.Me, Miami, Fl.

  • 2014- "Bookface", Jaffa Port

  • 2014-#seemetakeover, Video billboards, Time Square, New York

  • 2014- Arsuf Gallery, Tel-Aviv

  • 2014-IMAGINATION 2014, Main administration building of Bank Hapoalim, Tel-Aviv

  • 2013- "Holiday of Holidays", Artists House, Haifa

  • 2013- "Creatives Rising", Center, New York

  • 2013- "Exit Port", Jaffa Port

  • 2013- "The Story of the Creative", Center, New York

  • 2013-"Marginal Illumination", The Lady Roslyn Lyons Gallery, Ort Braude College,Carmiel.

  • 2012- "Marginal Illumination", Culture Palace, Carmiel.

  • 2012- "Art Ltd."- Hatachana Site, Tel-Aviv

  • 2012- "Marginal Illumination", Yodfat Gallery.

  • 2011-"Parallax Art Fair", La Galleria-Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London,UK

  • 2011-"La Loteria", Borderline projects- Observatory art and cultural center, NY, U.S.A

  • 2011- "Beit HaAm Gallery", Rishpon

  • 2010- "Color Latino Bet Gabriel", Bet Gabriel-Kinneret.

  • 2010-"Women in the Arts", Museum of Americas, Florida, U.S.A

  • 2009 –"Color Latino 2009", Culture Palace, Rishon LeZion

  • 2008 –"Together", Beit Hagvulot Gallery, Metula.

  • 2008-"EXPO 2008", Theater of Jerusalem

  • 2008-2009-"In our Memories", National Juried Competition and itinerary show. Opening Air Force House, Hertzlia.

  • 2008-"Livre des Artistes Israeliens", Beit Asia, Tel-Aviv.

  • 2008-"Livre des Artistes Israeliens", Atelier Z: Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot- Paris.

  • 2007 -"Color Latino", International Conventions Center, Haifa.

  • 2007-"Now #2". Theater of Haifa.

  • 2007-"Art&Society". Castra Arts Center, Haifa.

  • 2007-"Femina". Auditorium Theater City of Akko.

  • 2007 -"Femina". Castra Arts Center, Haifa


Initiatives and Project Coordinator/ Lecturer

· Color Latino-Bet Gabriel Art Exhibition of Latin-Americans Artists.

· Paintings Exhibition of Gavriil Martinovych Glyuk and Carpathians-Russians Artists of the XX Century-Russian Cultural Center in Tel-Aviv.

· Color Latino 2009-Art Exhibition of Latin-Americans Artists in commemoration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of Independence of Latin America-Culture Palace, Rishon LeZion.

· Lectures (Hebrew and Spanish) :" Frida Kahlo's life and art", "Women in the arts", "Fat Art Movement", "The Femme Fatale in the arts", "Faces and Traditions" (Indigenous Art)" and more...

Participation in Community Projects:

  • February 2014- participation at the Annual Israeli Exhibition "Imagination" organized by the AIDS Task Force Committee and Bank Hapoalim

  • May 2013- Dragon Boat Israel (DBI) Festival- a joint Canada-Israel (Jewish Federation) initiative to introduce the sport of dragon boat racing to Israel. The mission of DBI is to bring people to the northern region of Israel for an exciting, team-focused event that builds community, supports Israeli charities, fosters cultural awareness and promotes tourism.

  • April 2011- "Smile project"- International Goodwill Outreach to Children by Ministry of Culture in Poland:


Publications and catalogues:

  • April 2024-Abstract State NYC- First Issue.

  • April 2024- Woman's Essence Show Magazine+Art Critic

  • Dec 2023 – No name collective magazine Volume IV

  • Sept 2023-February 2024- “Parallel worlds”, Contemporary art curators online magazine




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